A brief introduction to our foldable power rack pro

So you’ve been looking for a foldable power rack and you’ve stumbled upon our foldable power rack pro? Well, you’ll probably already be impressed with its features, space-saving abilities, and as a piece of home gym equipment that could do add a significant amount of workouts power to your routines. After all, a foldable power rack is an investment, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

To help you out, we’ve put together this guide detailing some of the different Workouts With Foldable Rack you can complete using our power rack. The reason we only list some is that really the only limit is your imagination (whilst keeping your personal safety in mind, of course), so we couldn’t possibly list them all. Hopefully, by reading this post, you’ll become inspired about the different workouts you can perform, and feel ready to pick up our foldable power rack pro to kick off your fitness journey today.

Why our Workouts With Foldable Rack is perfect for a home gym

Before we jump into the Workouts With Foldable Rack, we just wanted to dedicate a small section to explaining why a foldable rack is perfect for a home gym. Obviously, there’s the space-saving element it provides, meaning you don’t need to have large pieces of equipment taking up space in your home. But also, there’s the versatility.

Yes, a power rack is clearly geared towards strength workouts, but they also allow you to work every muscle you can think of, helping you to train harder and see results faster than ever before. It’s this versatility at home that sets a foldable power rack apart from other strength-based equipment such as bench presses because the possibilities are endless. Ready to find out some of the most popular workouts you can complete with our foldable power rack pro? Then read on below!

Workouts With Foldable Rack you can do

Bench Press

Let’s start with the obvious – a bench press. Because our rack comes with 2 adjustable safety bars and plenty of weight options, you really can progress steadily until your bench pressing more than you ever thought possible. There’s always the need to be safe and not push yourself too far, but you can really achieve a lot by bench pressing with our rack compared to standard bench presses.

Barbell Squats

Using a barbell to perform squats inside the cage allows you to get better form than you would otherwise away from the power rack. Why? Because your movements are restricted, forcing you to focus on correct form, engaging every muscle, and performing each barbell squat safely. Trust us, you’ll see better results squatting inside the cage of a power rack.

Pull Ups

Our rack features a pull-up bar, meaning you don’t need separate pull-up equipment. It’s sturdy and can handle any weight provided you’re in relatively good shape, so engage your lats, back, and biceps, and get ready for some pull-ups that’ll have you seeing results in no time.


We made sure our power rack was versatile, so there are plenty of attachments that can be bought to enhance your workout experience, including dip bars. Simply fix the attachment to any of the holes and get to work. That’s the beauty of a power rack – there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Inverted Rows

Using your barbell on the hooks provided, why not try dipping below it and pulling yourself up? Inverted rows are a great way to build strength if you’re not yet able to perform pull-ups as well as you’d want to. Using a barbell for inverted rows forces you to grip the bar horizontally, engaging even more of your muscles.

Upright Rows

Using your barbell, try an upright row too, to engage your shoulder muscles, back muscles, and biceps. You can increase the weight on your barbells as your progress, showing once again how a power rack is a piece of home gym equipment for the long term because as you progress and get stronger, it has everything you need to keep pushing and it works with you every step of the way.

Shoulder Press

Make sure you use your safety bars for this exercise because your aim isn’t to lift the barbell per se, rather it’s the force required to move the bar above your shoulders that’s important with this exercise. By repeating this and increasing the weight, you’ll see a growth in your shoulder muscles in no time at all.

Hanging Ab Raises

Pull-up bars are not just for pull-ups, instead, you can hang from them and focus on ab work too. By raising your legs as you hang, you give your abs a really intense Workouts With Foldable Rack that’ll see them becoming more and more defined the more you complete hanging ab raises. You’ll soon notice your strength increasing simply because the amount of time you can hang from the bar and work your abs will increase, so you’ll see progress fairly quickly.


You can, of course, use power racks to support your deadlifts. This is actually ideal for people who don’t have the body structure you’d usually need for successful deadlifts in terms of your form (i.e. shorter arms, longer torso), so you can use your power rack to place the barbell in the position that helps you to safely deadlift. This just highlights, yet again, that power racks can support workout enthusiasts in completing exercises safely that they may not have previously been able to achieve.

Military Press

A military press is excellent with a rack because it helps you get into the right position before lifting the barbell. All too often, people arch forwards when lifting a barbell from the floor to complete a military press. By using a rack, you’re able to get beneath it correctly, keeping your wrists above your elbows, and the bar between your chin and collarbone. This gives you the best starting position and allows you to fully extend the bar above your head when completing the military press, engaging your glutes, shoulder muscles, abs, and biceps to the max.

Bicep Curls

Using our bicep cable pull, you’re able to complete standard bicep curls, which obviously work your biceps and give you fuller-looking arms as you repeat the exercise over multiple sets. Having a bicep cable pull attachment allows you to engage your biceps in the correct way too.

Reverse Curls

Reverse curls can be done with barbells, of course, but they can also be made slightly more efficient with landmines. Our rack comes with 3 bars that can have accessories attached to them, such as landmines, so you can focus on reverse curls, one arm at a time. This allows you to focus on working your muscles in the right way, working the forearms, and improving your grip strength.

Tricep Pressdowns

Keeping your elbows in front of your hips, you can use our triceps cable pull to complete tricep press downs. Simply pull the cable all the way down, and then focus on lifting the cable to just past 90 degrees with your elbow, and then pull down again. By doing this, you’re constantly engaging your triceps, and it allows you to get the most out of them when using the triceps cable pull attached to our power rack.

Lat Pulldowns

Our rack also comes with a lat pulldown bar, so you can focus on working those back and shoulder muscles specifically. We think that’s one of the best things about a power rack like ours – it gives you the tools to focus on working for specific muscle groups, but it also has enough versatility that you can mix up your workouts to target different muscles too. If you can get creative, then you can work out every muscle using a power rack.


In a similar way to squats, you can use your barbell and power rack to work on lunges. The rack supports you in picking up the bar in the correct front rack position, and it allows you to focus on driving your elbows forwards and alternating your knees touching the floor. Again, it takes a simple exercise you’ll have done time and time again, but helps you focus on form, preventing injury, and allowing you to target every muscle for the exercise.

Front Raises

Really, front raises are something you’re probably already doing with dumbbells at home, but did you know you can use your power rack to support you with front raises by using a barbell? By doing so, you can get in the correct position and focus on working your delts, giving you that full 3D shoulder look you’ve been searching for. The support of the rack and the added weight of the barbells allow for you to push further than with just dumbbells too, so if you have stubborn delts, then our power rack can help you develop them much faster.

Cable Crunches

Standing cable crunches are something you’d be able to do using the cables on our power rack too, helping you target every one of your abdominal muscles in isolation as you complete the full crunch. The added weight of the cables really loads your abs so you’re forced to engage them more effectively for a more complete workout too.

Face Pulls

Using our cables again, you could also complete face pulls by focusing on pulling the cable towards your face, keeping your elbows above your wrists for full effect. Then you can focus on squeezing your shoulder blades to work your back muscles too, giving you a complete workout of your upper arms, shoulders, and upper back muscles.


Before we leave you, we just wanted to point out again that the only limit is your imagination. If you’ve completed other workouts successfully at the gym that you see the equipment for on our power rack for your home, then you can do those workouts with our rack too. We couldn’t list everything because there are far too many exercises, but just know that the possibilities really are endless.

We hope this guide has been instructional and has given you lots to think about before picking up our foldable power rack pro, which you can buy today by following the link here. Remember, be safe, be sensible, and then anything is possible with a power rack as part of your home gym arsenal.


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