The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has become an historical event. The “airborne” virus has caused fear and uncertainty among many people, significantly as cases are still rising in some countries. Fear has been pushed upon us by peers, self-conflicted fear, Government, media and especially social media. We can’t deny that COVID-19 isn’t real and that it isn’t causing health issues and deaths. Many of us have done our part to try to not spread the virus by wearing masks and social distancing.

COVID virus remains a threat despite these practices.

This is not about if the COVID–19 is real or not. This is about how our Media & Governmentare handling the virus and more importantly how they are handling the vaccine.

I have never seen the media or government push on the people the way they have done with masks and vaccines. Not saying masks and vaccines don’t work I am just saying they have pushed harder for this than any other human killer ever such as other deadly viruses, diabetes, obesity, mental health, human trafficking, shootings, etc… there has never been more shoving down the people’s throat than what they are doing now.

We all know one thing that the scientist, government and every health professional agree on is a healthy body fights disease better. So why wasn’t health being pushed on us as hard as the mask or vaccine from the beginning till now. Doctors, media and government have all stated that a healthy body has a better chance of fighting this disease and almost every disease. Why was a lot of the health push left on the table?

What the Media, Doctors and Government Should have been pushing extremely hard this entire time

Every day we woke up to some news about COVID. We were being told what to do one way or another. The one thing that wasn’t being shoved down my throat and many others other than fear was to exercise and eat right. It was talked about but nothing like the way they talk about masks and vaccines.

This was a chance for our Nation to collectively come together and get healthier. We are the leading nation in obesity! This is a huge ongoing issue that will outlast and out kill COVID by far with the helping hand of cholesterol, heart disease and growing cancer cells in the body due to inflammation.

Our Government and broadcast stations should have come together to create a more powerful tool during this lockdown when many had nothing to do. They should have created a “National Workout Time’’. Everyday a couple times a day all major stations should have automatically turned to a workout lead by a professional fitness trainer. They could have live streamed it, zoom to get the people together like a Tony Robbins Master Mind Event or simply recorded it. This would have gotten people off the couch and started the path to getting healthy as one.

They never once said to put down the alcohol or pack of smokes. They told you cigarettes are terrible for COVID but that’s it. Alcohol sales increased tremendously but no word on saying, Stop drinking and start working out!! Stop smoking!! COVID attacks the lungs!

They never pushed hard on vitamins or any other supplement that would boost the immune system. Not saying vitamins are the cure to COVID or any other disease but it does help build your immune system and will help in the fight against sicknesses. But no push on Vitamin C, Zinc and dreaded hated word Hydroxychloroquine. Yes, I said it! Hydroxychloroquine has been around for a very long time and has helped cure diseases. Is it the end all to be all? No but we sure didn’t have much else. All bodies react different and maybe, just maybe, we could have saved more lives if Hydroxychloroquine was pushed more. There was a reason it wasn’t and we can get into that too in another article.

They never pushed us as hard to be healthy as they pushed the masks. The mask is just temporary, it’s a “mask”. A healthy body is a lifestyle and it’s something you can hold onto and work at for life.

Companies, government, state officials are giving out incentives to get your vaccine. Why haven’t they given out any incentives to being healthy? Why haven’t they given money incentives to losing weight, not eating sugar or exercising for 30 mins a day? Makes you wonder. We can talk about that in another article.

COVID will come and go and one day there will be another disease and our health issue will still be here killing us with the help of a virus or not. 

This was a perfect time to jump start our nation into a healthier lifestyle. It was the time to shove healthy foods down our throat and not fear. This was the time to start working out. What if every day they said, all American’s you must do 100 pushups a day, 100 sit-ups a day and 100 body weight squats a day? Wouldn’t that be amazing!!? The 100s of millions of people working together to create change. Then you can pick up your beer at the end of the week knowing you at least did some type of activity instead of watching TV and engulfing our medias thought’s.

In case of another pandemic and the media isn’t helping, here are some health tips you can easily perform

Watching out for your weight

There is nothing wrong with body positivity. However, one needs to watch out for and avoid obesity. This condition is one of the leading causes of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders, and it increases the chances of contracting infections. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC said that obese people (those with a body mass index of 30 above) are at greater risk of contracting severe COVID-19.

Managing your weight is a great choice to begin a change in lifestyle habits. Besides acting as a prevention method against COVID, it also decreases your risk of developing other conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Doctors also recommend losing weight because it can lessen inflammation and prevent the body from producing dangerous immune responses, sometimes seen in COVID-19.

Exercise a bit more

Being stuck in quarantine has forced many of us to sit or lie down all day. Coupled with the amount of stress eating we do to cope during this time, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy routine.

If you are committed to losing weight, you must get plenty of exercise. While it is still best to avoid crowded public spaces such as gyms, there are home workouts that you can follow to stay in shape. The World Health Organization advocates for two and a half hours of moderate physical activity weekly, which can be accomplished from the confines of our house. Simply doing household chores or playing with your pets or younger family members can help achieve this goal.

If you’re feeling adventurous, watching home workout videos and using them as references is another option. Be sure to follow credible sources not to injure yourself while emulating the videos. Looking for beginner-friendly material is advisable so that you can adjust well to the initial shock of increased activity. Walking is also a safe method to lose weight. Even in smaller spaces such as your yard or even bedroom, this passive activity can help burn calories.

Be in tune with yourself through mindfulness

During this very uncertain time, anxiety can take over. There is no telling when the world will genuinely go “back to normal,” and we all know how hopeless this can feel at times. Since stress is a trigger for many diseases, it can also leave you susceptible to severe COVID-19. Staying calm helps one ground themselves. Through mindfulness and relaxation techniques, people can feel less burden and isolated by being in tune with themselves. These are also healthier avenues to cope with stress, as opposed to drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

In Spain, a pilot study was done to observe the effect of relaxation techniques against COVID-induced anxiety. Results indicate that people who practice meditation, yoga, and other similar strategies had fewer anxiety symptoms. Stress can worsen health conditions, which means that being more in tune with the body will help relieve severe symptoms of the virus.

Developing better eating habits

Cutting back on the amount of sugar you take in will also be beneficial to your body. Junk food and soda are notorious for having a lot of harmful chemicals. While they taste good at first, it can be very hard on your body if your diet consists of processed food. Instead, try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into what you eat. These types of food are rich in antioxidants, helping the body prepare for any infections and diseases.

Leafy greens can be added to meat dishes for better taste. They also look visually appealing together, removing the “boredom” that people sometimes get from eating green food. Fruits and vegetables may also be on the pricey side, which is why frozen variants might be worth looking into. These versions cannot only be stored in freezers, making them a cost-efficient solution.

Although they are seen as the stereotypical “healthy” food, fruits and vegetables can complement meat. Poultry, fish, soy, and eggs are all great sources of protein. The body uses it to repair itself and maintain healthy hormone levels. They also combat and help prevent energy loss.

As for beverages, fruit juice should not be your go-to. Even if they are packaged with labels claiming they are “healthy” or “all-natural,” these drinks contain many calories. They also taste very sweet due to added sugar, which may cause you to crave and drink them more. Water and other unsweetened beverages are better options. If you want a fruity taste, you can always put a slice of your favorite into a pitcher of water.

Staying committed to the healthy lifestyle

Things are going back to a level of “normal,” but you shouldn’t revert to unhealthy habits. Sure, COVID-19 might not be a significant threat real soon, but there are other diseases you want to steer clear of. The cliche phrase “health is wealth” has a lot of truth, considering how outrageous hospital bills can get. It would be best to make minor adjustments to your lifestyle than run the risk of getting sick.

Remember that while face masks, shields, and vaccines all have their part to play in protecting your body, so does yourself. Make sure to choose the healthier options whenever possible, whether in terms of food, activities, or other habits.


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