This is a sophisticated machine that makes home training extremely safe to use. You won’t require a workout partner because the Smith Machine takes the place of a ‘buddy’ and keeps constant tension on your muscles while doing repeat reps. It is a neat machine and won’t take up to much space in your place. As listed, there are numerous exercises to perform, so you will never be bored and can continue to build on your trainer routine every day.

Best Exercises on the Smith Machine Trainer According to Researchers Are:

  • Kaz Press
  • Back Squat
  • Split Squat
  • Behind-the-Back Shrug
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Bent-Over Row
  • Inverted Row
  •  Seated Shoulder Press
  •  Hip Thrust
  •  Romanian Deadlift
  • One-Arm Negative Bench Press
  • Single-Leg Deadlift
  •  Reverse Lunge
  • Front Squat
  •  Calf Raise

Some of these exercises are hard and you don’t need to master them all at once, choose what you want to do and tailor them to suit your training needs. It is the only trainer that you will ever need because it performs so many functions. Different accessories are:

Hammer Strength Machine Bar Trainer is a training tool for the muscles, and in most cases allows the athletes to train more productively and is particularly good for body sculpting, and can be used by anyone wanting to achieve this goal. Training like this will take you safely to new personal best limits, and hammer strength bar weights vary. A popular version of this machine bar weighs between 10-15 lbs and the weight can be confirmed by your personal trainer.

Because everyone’s training needs vary, the program is different for men and women, here are some methods to try at home.

Best Weight Trainer

This machine trainer determines the weight of the bar. If you are buying one to use at home, there are various types available, and to make the right informed choice know the difference.

  • Residential smith machines come with different areas for placing extra weights. Much more advanced than stand-alone machines, they are the ultimate home gym and hold a capacity of 300-400 lbs. They have a light bar for ease of lifting, good news if you are new to this.

A Marcy Smith is a home gym smith machine ( SM 4008).

  • Commercial smith machines are built expressly for commercial gyms Ideal for the heavy weight lifter trainer for the Olympics and other competitions. The bar weighs up to 45 lbs. This is a good commercial example of a trainer that will sculpt your body.
  • Counterbalances smith machines. The counterbalanced bars are lighter, decreasing the weight by 20 lbs meaning bars mostly weigh 25 lbs. They have an angle rotation of 7 degrees, allowing a good range of motion for the trainer during exercises, this way you are not at risk of injuries while exercising. Another example is the 3124 Angled Smith Machine.
  • Dimensional Smith Machines can move both horizontally and vertically. Not limited to one movement it mimics the free weights. The machine allows you the freedom to exercise as you would and for the home trainer it is like free weights.
  • A Ball Smith Machine has ball bearings that are able to move up and down with a rod. While moving up and down while training a range of movements is achieved. You could easily have this at home and refine your trainer program to suit you.

Life Bar Weight Trainer

Signature Series Smith Machine has a 7-degree bar angle following a natural free weight path, and the D-tube has counterweights. There is an optional multi-adjustable bench. The product must be secured to stabilize and eliminate rocking or tipping. it has contoured cushions and appears very strong. It is good to lift heavy weights and is certainly versatile. when you use it regularly it will help build strong muscles while you train. When you are doing squats it takes a while to get used to the machine, as your muscles can destabilize. If you have a good balance you will be absolutely fine.

Technogym Trainer

Technogym manufacturing is based in Italy and was the official supplier at the Rio Olympics. The multipower smith machine has a black finish and looks great in the Gym. The counterbalanced barbell has a start point of 8kg resistance, making it great for beginners, and the vertical motion of the barbell is also excellent for training. It has the advantage of allowing you to train certain body parts without stabilizing the weight. This makes it perfect for the beginner as nothing is left to chance.

The multipower smith machine has 6 storage pegs reducing the need for bulky weight disk trees. The machine has a 225K unit weight, making it extremely durable and very stable, with no wobbles and there are plenty of grips when lifting the barbell.

The bar on the Smith Multipower machine weighs 19kg by default. The counterbalance system starts at 8kg. making it great for your gym.

Precor Trainer Bar Weights

The bar aids you to get fit while working out from home. It is a very safe machine, so set up a gym in the back of your garage and get started.

  • You are able to lift alone without a spotter
  • Good if you are learning to lift weights, build strength gradually.
  • Allows you to perform your own program and be your own trainer.
  • Creates a realistic weight lifting experience.

Standard features are:

  • Adjustable safety stops are easily accessed.
  • Standard 6 weight place storage horns/pegs.
  • Standard footpad and leveler device for uneven floors.

Machine Exercises Trainer

There is so much that you can do, so make the most of your new all-in-one machine.

  • Bench press, without locking your elbows
  • Target arms with triceps dips
  • Biceps curls vary the weights
  • Donkey kicks to strengthen your lower back.
  • Squats focus on muscle building don’t be too hard on your knees.


Once you install a trainer at home there will be no excuse. Within 6 months the whole family will become amazingly fit. There will be no more excuses about booking machines and classes at the gym and think of the money that you will save. Your new Smith Machine Functional Trainer Pro is the best purchase ever and will pay for itself in gym fees.


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