The 1st kettlebell to enable working with a variable load.

The unpredictability of water turns any exercise into a truly high-intensive neuromuscular training activity.

Reax Fluikettle exploits the patented technology of “Sudden Dynamic Impulse “: for the first time, dynamic instability and loaded movement meet to generate tactile stimulations as well as motor interference during a training activity. These impulses enhance the movement, forcing the athlete to a much higher muscular activation.

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The 1st barbell ever to enable working with an instable load.
Weight training exercises have always been part of most athletic training programs. The distinctive feature of Reax Fluilift is that it destabilizes any exercise when it being performed. Thanks to its innovative system, the barbell can be used in both traditional and innovative way, providing a more efficient and effective training environment.

Using our technology that includes springs, bungess and fluid filled discs that rotate and bounce the Reax Fluilift adds dynamism and unpredictbility to any exercise. Using Reax Fluilift also has a huge operational advantage as floors won’t be damaged anymore thanks to the innovative soft shock system.






The Kettlebell was born in Russia in 1706 by the name of Ghira. It had a rudimentary shape and it was used to train the Tsar’s soldiers.

Pavel Tsatsouline, the best kettlebell coach that ever lived, considered the Kettlebell a “cannonball with a handle. It is a full gym in your hand”.

Over time, as the success of the functional training grows, the Kettlebells have been included in a lot of training methods to get strength, power and a complete physical conditioning.
The kettlebell is one of the most widespread tool for functional training as it is incredibly versatile for s high number of workouts.

Nevertheless, the kettlebell does present a dilemma: it’s a great piece of equipment but the material of which it is made, the cast iron, is not so . It is a rough and crippling material that in many exercises, such as the “Snatch”, the “Swing”, the “Clean and Press” and the ” Goblet Squat”, the iron made Kettlebell can hurt the hands or the wrist because it is really hard and rough. Plus, sometimes it is slippery and it can ruin the floor if you drop it, but especially it can also be dangerous.

Taking off from the limits of the traditional one, Reaxing has finally developed a new innovative Kettlebell: the Fluikettle.
It is composed by a particular soft rubber that make it an unique piece of equipment: it can be shaken, grabbed, thrown, without any risks of damaging people or surfaces. Thanks to these features, it can be used in a club, in a studio or at home even with a nice and sophisticated floor. Unlike the traditional cast iron kettlebell, the Fluikettle contains a mixture of solid and fluid which turns every workout into a genuine neuromuscular training which is much more effective. The special feeling and the soft rubber make every activity a pleasant and harmonic movement. Unlike the traditional cast iron product, the Fluikettle’s special material guarantees comfort during the workout execution because it is soft on the person.