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GREAT FOR: Boxers, MMA, La Crosse, Fitness and more!

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We developed the Arm Speed Weights to improve the performance of sport athletes, and to maximize any training session for fitness athletes.

The new Arm speed weight no longer have the bicep strap! Much easier to use


  • Easy to put on
  • Extremely Soft. Made with microfiber cloth
  • Very Comfortable and form fitting
  • Feel results with muscle engagement within the first minute 
  • Increased fast twitch muscles
  • Enhances speed, power and explosion
  • 1/2lb weights for easy adjustments to improve strength and power
  • 8 elastic slots to easily put in small weights

The Arm Speed Weights emulate your body’s natural anatomical shape; they fit snug on your body. This allows you complete freedom of movement. You are not tied or strapped to anything; no bands, and no cords. The resistance from the Arm Speed Weights is a constant resistance no matter the movement or exercise, unlike bands and cords where the resistance is only applied one way, awkwardly pulling you and hindering your natural movement.

For sport athletes, the Arm Speed Weights are innovative in the fact that you are strength training as you hone your specific technique. This is invaluable as you work to find that perfect form, all while creating power, speed, and muscle memory throughout the full range of the movement, and at all velocities of the movement. The added resistance not only pushes you to work harder within your sport specific movement or exercise but will also help with injury prevention by correcting any muscle imbalances you may have. Because of the constant resistance throughout the movement, your muscles are being activated both eccentrically and concentrically, meaning they are strengthening and developing together. Multiple muscle groups are being stimulated in an integrated fashion, working together to strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and core as a complete unit. This is opposite of an isolated movement, such as a bicep curl done in a gym.

With many other products, the weight or resistance is added to the actual product or machine, and not on the athlete themselves. This fails to activate your muscles in unison, which is a must to improve sports performance.

For fitness athletes, the light resistance from the Arm Speed Weights will maximize your workout by stimulating your muscles more, burning more calories, and increasing muscle tone faster.

With our interchangeable weight system, you can progress at your own pace, selecting a resistance within each arm sleeve from 0.5lb to 2 lbs.

We have revolutionized the way sport and fitness athletes train. Our Arm Speed Weights strengthen your sport specific movement and maximize any training session.

The Arm Speed Weights include:

- 2 Arm Speed Weight Sleeves (Left & Right)

- 8 Half Pound Weights Included With Order

- 3 Grip Pro Trainer Rings (30lb, 40lb and 50lb Resistance)

- Waterproof Drawstring Bag

- Arm Speed Weight Training Guidelines

  • Grip Pro Trainer Exercise Guidelines with Video Examples 


For More Detailed Product Info & Videos Please Visit: WWW.WIZARDSPEEDWEIGHTS.COM


The forearm measurement is the more important of the two

FOREARM: 10.5 - 11.75, WRIST: 6 - 6.75 INCHES = LARGE-Youth/Womens

FOREARM: 12 - 13.25, WRIST: 7 - 7.75 INCHES = XL

FOREARM: 13.5 - 14.75, WRIST 8-8.75 = XXL


Alan Jouban UFC Love the Arm Speed Weights! I can take them with me no matter where my workout is for the day. Running, shadow boxing, speed bag or pads, I can do it all with them. Great for working the back, shoulders, and increasing hand speed - Alan Jouban, UFC Fighter

Additional information

Arm Speed Weight Size

Large – See Below Sizing, Extra Large – See Below Sizing, XXL – See Below Sizing


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