RallyHoops 7ft


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RallyHoops 7’ is the world’s first sports game to mash volleyball and basketball. It’s smart design is built to last and allows the game to be set up within seconds. Our patented game is quick to learn and fun to play for everyone of all ages.

What’s Included
2x RallyHoops units
2x Small Hoops
2x Large Hoops
4x Custom Click-in Nets
1x Official RallyHoops Game Ball
1x Air Pump
2x Draw String Bags

Intended for players ages 13+

How To Play


Tired of struggling to setup and breakdown your yard games? When developing RallyHoops we wanted a quick and intuitive way to build and breakdown your set. All in under 1 minute! Check out our video and let’s rally.

The goal is to reach exactly 21 points! Anything more and the team’s score will reset to 16 points. Once a team reaches 21 points, each player of the losing team has 1 redemption shot. If they miss their chance at redemption, you have your winners!

Server taps the ball into the bottom hoop for 2 points. Server taps the ball into the top hoop for 3 points. Server taps the ball through the top and bottom hoops for 5 points

Setter taps the ball into the bottom hoop for 1 point. Setter taps the ball into the top hoop for 2 points. Setter taps the ball through the top and bottom hoops for 3 points.

Each Player is allowed 2 Defense Plays per game. A Defensive Play allows the Defensive Player to chase down the Server and alter the opposing team’s shot or block the ball before it goes through either hoop(s)

The Server cannot serve the ball directly into any hoop (only allowed on Redemption Shot)

During each rally there cannot be more than 3 hits, including the serve. Setter must be first to touch the ball after the serve.

Player’s body may not contact any part of the RallyHoop Unit (including the base, rims or net).

After the serve, if the setter goes to score but misses off of the rim, the server can score off of the ricochet.

If a ball hits the ground, an opposing player, another player, or an object, then the play is dead.

Yes, a player may not palm, cuff, carry, throw, toss, or catch the ball during a rally


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