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What this Comes with


Popdarts USA Board Edition™

  • 2 USA All-Weather Boards
  • 4 Magnetic Score Keeper Pieces
  • 1 High-Quality Carrying Bag for the Boards
  • 1 Progress Poster to Track Your Skills
  • 2 Rules Stickers (on the back of each board)

Exclusive USA Popdarts Pro Pack included! Exclusive set only available through USA Board Edition.

  • 3 Red POPDARTS®
  • 3 Blue POPDARTS®
  • 1 Swirled Pro Target Marker (Not used with Board Edition)
  • 1 Mesh Carrying Bag
  • 1 USA Popdarts Icon Sticker


  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Inside/outside with our 100% all-weather aluminum boards, stainless steel hardware, and powder-coated steel frame. Popdarts is perfect for the backyard, parks, tailgating, gymnasium, and especially your living room. We stand behind our products and make sure they are built to last!
  • SKILL REQUIRED AND FUN TO LEARN: Learn how to throw and master the technique by watching our detailed throwing tutorials. There is nothing more satisfying than sticking them every time! Scan the QR code on the box to help you get started or go to YouTube and type in, “How to throw Popdarts?”.


In a world that isolates us with devices, we bring you a game that brings friends and family of all ages together, fuels creativity, and challenges abilities!

How To Play


• Rock Paper Scissors to determine who goes first. •The winner chooses the first target marker location and the color of their team's Popdarts. •There are three Popdarts per player and they are made of a different color to distinguish between players. •The game is played with two or more players.

• To start a game, player one chooses a location with a smooth surface and places the Target Marker. • Player one also calls the round parameters. For example: Player one places Target Marker on countertop and says, “You have to throw from behind the couch and it only counts if it sticks on the countertop.” Must stand minimum of 10ft from TargetMarker. • Once the parameters are set, the player that placed the Target Marker throws the first Popdart. • Players take turns throwing their Popdarts with the objective of sticking closest to the Target Marker (or landing on top with the PRO Pack). • Continue throwing until all Popdarts have been thrown.

• After each team has thrown all of their Popdarts, the points will be awarded using “Cancellation Scoring”. • “Cancellation Scoring” = The points of one team cancel out the points of the opponent. (Example: If the blue team scores 5 points and the green team scores 2 points then the blue team wins the round with 3 points.) • Any Popdart that is not standing upright is considered a dead dart and will remain in play until the end of the round. • Landing on top of the Target Marker (PRO Pack only) is worth 10 points. When this happens, there is no 3 point Popdart and all others are worth 1 point. • Closest Popdart that sticks = 3 Points. • Each other Popdart that sticks = 1 Point • Any Popdart that sticks and is touching the Target Marker = 1 additional point (Also, known as a Kiss) • Wigglenobber™ (see term definitions) = Always worth double the points of the Popdart that it sticks to whether it lands on your team or your opponents. • T-Bone (see term definitions) = While this is a very cool shot, it is not worth any additional points. • The team that was awarded points in the previous round chooses the next Target Marker location. • Each game consists of multiple rounds. The first team to reach or exceed 21 points WINS!

• In the event that the Target Marker falls before the round is over, the round is nullified and the team who placed the Target Marker on that poor surface loses possession. The opposing team is awarded one point for each Popdart that they have sticking at the time the Target Marker fell. • Target Marker cannot remain in the same location for a consecutive round. The winner of each round must choose a new location. • In the event that neither team gets a Popdart in play, the team who had possession of the Target Marker looses possession. • In the event that the closest Popdart of each player is the same distance from the Target Marker, the two closest Popdarts in question will be rethrown by each team starting with the team who chose the Target Marker location. All other Popdarts will remain in play for the rethrow. All measurements should be made from the closest edge of the Popdarts' suction cup to the closest edge of the Target Marker’s suction cup.


• To play with 4 players on TEAMS, you will need two sets of Popdarts. For example, each player on Team A would get 3 Popdarts for a total of 6 and each player on Team B would get 3 Popdarts for a total of 6. • Players rotate throwing one at a time toward the Orange Target Marker until all 12 Popdarts have been thrown. • Players rotate throwing one at a time toward the Orange Target Marker until all Popdarts have been thrown. ONLY THE TOP TWO PLAYERS' POINTS ARE USED IN EACH ROUND. • Use cancellation scoring to count up the score. For example, if Team A scored 7 points and Team B scored 4, then Team A would win the round with 3 points [7 (Team A) - 4 (Team B) = 3 (Team A)]. • Then Team A would take possession of the Target Marker and call the shot for the next round. • Play multiple rounds until a team reaches 21 points or higher.

• You will need 2 sets of Popdarts. Each player will have 3 Popdarts of their own color. • Players rotate throwing one at a time toward the Orange Target Marker until all Popdarts have been thrown. ONLY THE TOP TWO PLAYERS' POINTS ARE USED IN EACH ROUND. • Use cancellation scoring to count up the score. Check out this example: Green (5 pts), Purple (3 pts), Yellow (2 pts), Blue (2 pts). Green would win the round with 2 points (5 Green - 3 Purple = 2 Green). The points from the Yellow and Blue players are not counted toward the score in the round. • Then Green would take possession of the Target Marker and call the shot for the next round. • Play multiple rounds until a team reaches 21 points or higher.


• Wigglenobber™: The action of one Popdart sticking to another Popdarts' opposing suction cup. Point Value: Double the points of the Popdarts it lands on whether on your own or the opposing team. • Target Marker Wigglenober (T-nob): When a Popdart lands on top of the Wigglenobber Target Marker which is the double sided target marker. Point Value: 10 points. • Kiss (aka Lippy): When an upright Popdart is also touching the Target Marker. Point Value: 1 additional point. • Fender Bender: When a Popdart is landed on the playing surface and is touching or lodged up against the target marker. Point Value: 1 additional point (a player can receive an additional point if the dart is a kiss as well). • Inch Worm: When a Popdart lands on the target marker and the opposing side of Popdart suctions to the playing surface. Point Value: 11 points •Tower Shot: When a Popdart lands on the designated tower shot. Point Value: 5 • T-bone: When a Popdart bounces off the playing surface and the center of the Popdart rests on top of a live dart. Point Value: 0 points. • Dogbone (aka Dead dart): A Popdart that is not standing upright. All dead darts must remain in play until the end of the round.

• Live Dart: A Popdart that is in play sucked to the surface and/or standing upright. Only live darts are awarded points. • Possession: The team in control of choosing the Target Marker location. • Captain: The person on a team designated to coach and make all team decisions during a game. • Shot Clock: The allotted time given for a team member to throw their Popdart. Once the opposing team's Popdart hits a surface and comes to a complete stop, the shot clock begins. The shot clock time allowed is 30 seconds.

• Popdart®: Double sided suction cup dart • Target Marker: Smaller orange piece that you are trying to get closest to • Wigglenobber Target Marker: Double sided target marker that you can land on top of


• Our compact sets can be played wherever you go, indoors or outdoors. • Our Popdarts do not "wear out".  They are super durable and if they get dirty just simply rinse them off and keep on poppin'! • They are dishwasher safe. Use the top rack.

• Popdarts stick best to smooth surfaces like a countertop, refrigerator, window, car windshield, glass door, surfboard, etc. • You want the avoid bumpy, textured, or porous surfaces like wood. • They are suction cups so they need to be used on surfaces that you'd expect a suction cup to function on.

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