Juke X NICO TRENCHES Lineman Bin Basic


In Store Pickup Upon Checkout

The Lineman Bin with all the products you need to become an elite Lineman Athlete or Linemen Trainer. Upgrade your training today with the Juke x Nico Trenches Lineman Bin. All the training accessories to build a stronger, faster and more explosive lineman.

What's In The Bin

Basic Bin

1.    Thin Resistance Loops. 2 sets each of Black and Blue Thin Band Loops.

2.    Speed Bands Pro. Red, Purple and Blue Strength Bands - 1 of each

3.    Latter - 16ft

4.    Agility Cones - 10 units

5.    Grid Foam Roller Small

6.    Slider Disk - 1 Pair 

7.    Agility Hurdles - 10 units

8.    Stability Ball 55cm - 1 Unit


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