Jazzminton Sport


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Revolutionizing Paddle Game 


The birdies slow as they fly

Feel the satisfying sensation of spiking, point after point, creating amazing, competitive rallies.

Play indoors or outdoors

Bring it to the park, beach, backyard, on vacation or just in your very own home, Jazzminton Sport can be played anywhere.

Set up takes 1-2 minutes

The steel rods comes with an elastic inside to keep the parts together making for a quick set up.

No Boundaries

The square opening acts as a boundary as it can only go so high or low and only so far to the sides. This, coupled with the fact that the Sport birdie cannot be hit out of reach makes it so boundaries are not required.

Small space requirement

Unlike many sports where you need to go out to a court to play, you can play Jazzminton Sport right at home so you don't have to sit on the sideline all of the winter months

Calling on all paddle and racket sport enthusiasts


Great for practice

Sharpen your pickleball, badminton or tennis skills . Work on your hand-eye coordination, lateral movement and reaction time.


Can't find a court? Court too busy? Is it raining? Too cold? Try out Jazzminton Sport and play right at home. 

High quality, great warranty

This set is made to the standard of premium sport equipment. Quality is everything and we can give you our promise that we've done everything to ensure this will stand the test of time therefore we have Included a 1 year warranty. 


Jazzminton Sport is played 1 vs 1.

A player starts a point by serving the birdie through the opening of the net.

The receiving player must return it back through the net, this goes back and forth until a player cannot return it.

First player to reach the agreed upon points, wins, usually 11 or 21 (win by 2).


  • Net
  • Elastic Attached Steel Frame
  • 2 Premium Paddles
  • 8 Birdies - 3 Sport, 3 Tournament, 2 Wind
  • 4 Balls
  • Padded Carry Bag
  • Manual + Rules

Also included - only needed for windy conditions.

  • 2 Anchor Hooks (wind stabilizing)
  • 2 Anchor Ropes (wind stabilizing)
  • 4 Court Hooks (boundaries)
  • Court Rope with Winder (boundaries)

Space Saver



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