Hip Thrust Machine Pro

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Developed by the increasing trend of glute exercises seen in various and dangerous executions in the gyms today, the Juke Hip Thrust piece safely and smartly isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating sexy glutes, improved hip and core stability. These benefits are universally desirable, important for a wide variety of sports and exercises, and are arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism. The Hip Thrust gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely, and with good form. The machine is designed to promote good biomechanics and balanced weight curve. A comfortable adjustable pad secures the user to the back pad which supports the back for added safety. You can add weight up to 660lbs!!

Hip Thrust Machine Pro

Plate loaded, commercial grade

Fits Olympic plates only

Industrial grade bearings for smooth motion and durability

Adjustable seat

64"L X 63" W X 44" H

Weight capacity: 660lbs

Machine Weight: 330lbs

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 56 × 56 in


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