Foldable Power Rack Pro

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The rack is designed for a full-body workout when used with a barbell and weight plates. It has the ability to be used for bench press, overhead press, squats, and more. It also comes with a pull-up bar and dip station to hit your back, biceps, and triceps. Additionally, it has high and low cable pulleys (with lat pulldown and curl bar attachments), excellent for a range of exercises, including lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and lateral raises.

The rack comes with pegs for resistance bands, landmine attachment, dip attachment, 8 plate storages, 2 bar storages, 2 pairs of J-Hooks, and 2 Safety Spotter arms.

  • Foldable Power Rack
  • Great for in home or small gym use
  • Perfect for saving space
  • 8 arms for weight plates
  • Pull up Bar
  • Pull down cable attachment with bar
  • Band attachments
  • 6 barbell holders
  • 2 safety bars
  • 3 bars for accessories such as Landmines
  • Bicep cable pull
  • Triceps cable pull
  • Lat pulldown

Dimensions Unfolded:

L- 65" x W- 67" x H- 89.2'' Inches

When Folded in -  L-64.88" | W-32.16" | H-89.21"


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