Egg Weights Cardio Equipment


  • 1.5 Pounds each Egg
  • Sprint Training
  • Punching Power
  • Arm Strengthening
  • Improving Fast Twitch Muscles, Fast Hands
  • Fits nicely and comfortably in the Palm of your Hand

The Ultimate Power Punching and Sprint Training Hand Held Weighted Product

3.0 Pound Egg Weights. Each Egg Weight is 1.5lbs

Egg Weights are the perfect hand held weights for training. They do not restrict natural motion and body flow during exercise or sports training. Ideal for sprint workouts and striking training.

Egg Weights are the only hand weights in the World that conform to your body’s natural motion.

Egg Weights are scientifically proven to increase the intensity of any movement from 28% – 62% with less injury and stress to your body. Throw natural punches while increasing speed and power.

Quick hands and arms is as important as quick feet and legs. Make sure to train with Egg Weights in your hands during any speed and agility training.

Boost your workouts, burn more calories, and get faster results with Egg Weights.

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Weight 3 lbs


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