Bumper Plate Set 260lbs

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2 each: 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, 15lb & 10lb

Made from 100% virgin rubber, our standard black bumper plates have long been a favorite for home affiliate boxes and other lower use settings.

Our bumper plates feature durable steel inserts that are a step above the common brass insert that can come loose. Safeguard your bumper plate investment by dropping on rubber flooring and using proper technique. 10lb and 15lb bumpers should only be dropped when outside of larger bumper plates. The bumper plates have a +/- 1% weight tolerance.

Equipment Specs:

  • 100% Virgin Rubber
  • Steel Inserts
  • Plate Width: 10 lb - 7/8", 15 lb - 1 3/8"", 25 lb - 1 7/8", 35 lb - 2 5/8", 45 lb - 3 1/4"

Additional information

Weight 260 lbs


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