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Personal Training

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Training With juke performance trainers

Juke Performance has a variety of professional personal and athletic trainers. With over 20 years of experience Juke Performance delivers nothing but the best for their clients.

Come over to our high end private Juke Facility in Westlake village and start your fitness journey. Depending on your needs we will help you get fit, lose weight, get toned, develop athletic skills or keep you standing upright!

We also have a wellness facility with chiropractors, Physical Therapists, massage therapist and all the latest technology to reduce inflamtion and take your pain away. You might even see LA Rams and LA Dodger athletes in the facility!

Let’s GO! you have nothing to lose

The Founder

Juke Performance was created in 2006 by Jesse Nicassio who was a former NFL athlete. Jesse has spent most his life surounded by professional athletes and trainers picking up innovative techniques to improve others. Jesse has been published in many magazines and has been on hit TV shows talking about his comapny. Jesse has formed his brand into a athletic and fitness empire sharing his knowledge with clients and trainers. Jesse also invents fitness products (MASS Suit) builds gyms and knows the ins and outs on how to use the products on the market. Jesse brings in new innovative ways for people to enhance their strength, build muscle, lose weight and increase their speed before most trainers (Reax Line). Juke has a wellness component to it’s facility with Physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapist. Jesse keeps improving JUKE and his trainers so clients can keep improving their way of life. Jesse always believed you have nothing to lose getting out of your comfort zone.

Real Work. Real Results.

Certified Trainers

Our trainers are NOT your typical big box gym trainers with limited experience. All Juke trainers are certified through credited organaizations and have extensive backgrounds in fitness and athletics. They are hand picked because of their experience. The Juke organization has an extensive background itself in athletic and general fitness training with over 20 years of fitness and athletic training practice.

Sport Science

We will get your set up with one of our highly qualified athletic trainers depending on your sport. Your trainer will be highly knowledgable in your sport specific training. Our trainers currently work with professional athletes NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, D1 NCAA and Celebrities to get them ready for their upcoming roll.

Physical Therapy

We have nothing but the best when it comes to Therapy. We have the former Dodgers Chiropracter, Eric Blum, who runs the physical therapy clinic. Most private gyms do not have a full therpay clinic with Cryo-Chambers, Laser machines, Multiple low to high frequency pulse machines and a decompression machine.


Offers & Details


1 on 1 Private Training


Semi Private training ; 1 on 2; 1 on 3 or 1 on 4


Early Mornings or Evening Small Group Classes


Athletic Speed & Agility Training


Sport Specific Training


Physical Therapy sessions

Why Juke Performance Training

Popular Programs

With our wide variety of trainers we have a large variety of programs to fit each individuals needs.

Strength Training

We have Ventura County’s best strength trainer. Former Division 1 trainer and current strength and condition coach. He will build the strength you need.


Juke Facility and Trainers are know for mobility and functional training. Juke equips it’s gym with the latest neuromuscular training tools and education for the correct mobility workout.


Juke Trainers are former professional or D1 College athletes. We have the background, knowledge and experience to take you to the next level. We specialize in speed, agility, explosion and sport specific drills to improve fast twitch muscle, strength and reaction.

Weight Loss

Juke Performance is the Beach Body of facilitys. With all the cardio equipment you need, resistance training knowldge and the trainers who know how to properly utilize the equipment which will drop your weight and keep it off!

Come Train With People Who Have The Same Goals As You

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Been going to gyms most my life and I love the Juke Facility. First, their trainers are truly knowledgable. Second, the trainers are nice and understand their clients. Each day is a new day and whos knows what has happened that day in the clients mood and they adjust with it. Third, the facility is extremely clean and organized at all times. Makes you feel like working out.”

Jakob Filips

“What a great group to work with. I’m a little older so I’m not your heavy lifting type anymore and they cater to that. Best part is that they have a physical therapy and chiropractors so I either start my workout and end with therpay or get warmed up with therapy and walk right into my trainiung session. The trainers are fantastic, the owner is always there and is great and the chiropracxtors are a great group of professionals. To say the least it’s a great place to workout in.”

Martin Smith

“I was referred to multiple paces to workout before I landed with Juke Performance. Each place has their specialty but the one thing I really liked about Juke was they had many specialties. They have a wide variety of trainers so I was able to pick and be placed with the right trainer that works best for me. I also send my kids their for athletic training with a different trainer. My kid also gets the sports rehab on his shoulder and elbow and hits the cryo chamber after. It’s a one stop shop that shows results at the end of the day.”

Robinson Clarck

Training Schedule

Tuesday and Thursdays – 5pm to 7pm – Semi Private Group Training (Come jump in at anytime between those hours)


Tuesday and Thursdays – 6am to 7am – Semi Private Group Training


Monday – Sunday – Private Training – Pick Your Time and Personal Trainer. We will select a personal trainer that is best for you


Looking for a semi private HIIT Training Session? Contact us to set you up with our HIIT Specilaist Trainer, Courtney!


Special Offer: If your trainer is gone for any reason for your scheduled workout time you can still come during your regular scheduled workout day and time to get a great workout in!

Pricing Plans

Please conatct us for pricing plans for 1 on 1, Semi group, small group or our wellness center

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Personal Training


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