A Customized Gym Experience By Professional Athletes

Juke Gyms was founded by former NFL professional athlete Jesse Nicassio. Jesse created Juke Gyms to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts a way to stay fit and healthy, no matter their situation.

From an early age Jesse had access to workout equipment in his garage. Jesse credits his family’s home gym with giving him an edge in middle and high school athletics. Having a place to workout and develop his skills and strength regardless of weather or economic situation, it gave Jesse the advantage he needed to be bigger, faster, stronger and more developed than the other athletes.

Juke Gyms is powered by Juke Performance Inc., the genius behind the MASS Suit training product, and is here to give everyone that same fitness advantage. You are in good company hands operated by former professional athletes, fitness professionals and former Military, which all have the knowledge and experience in the exercise and athletic world.



Always Be Training


If you are trying to get or stay fit or an athlete in training, Juke Gyms will take you there.

Look better, feel better, play better, live better


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