If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy, investing in a treadmill for your home gym is a great idea, especially during these unprecedented times. Not only does it save you time and money in the long run, but it also allows you to skip those busy gyms and workout in the comfort of your own home. But with so many treadmills available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors to consider while buying a treadmill for your home gym.

Budget – Before you jump into buying a treadmill, decide how much you’re willing to spend. Treadmills can be expensive, and prices can vary widely. You can expect to spend anything from $500 to $5000. However, if you’re buying a treadmill for home, there are models that are under $1000 and offer the same features as that of the costlier models. But it all depends on the usage. Before purchasing a home model or commercial model ask yourself, how much are you going to use it? Are you going to use it everyday and for how long per exercise routine? If you have multiple people in your household using it you may want to look into a more commercial grade. The difference is longevity, durability and maintenance. If using a lot with a lot of people you want to go to a commercial grade treadmill like our Airgo Treadmill. It will last longer and you can get many more miles on it before having to fix it. Home version treadmills are great but they are not made for the wear and tear. 

Space – Consider the space you have available for the treadmill. Treadmills come in different sizes, and you don’t want to buy a treadmill to find out that it doesn’t even fit in your home gym room. If you have limited space, look for a compact model or one that has a folding option. A folding option treadmill would be like our Airgo Folding Motorized Treadmill. It’s a space saver. Or you can go for a small home version treadmill such as the Star Trac 4TR Treadmill. Both are great! 

Incline and Speed Options – If you want to challenge yourself, consider buying a treadmill that offers incline and speed options. It adds variety to your workout, and you can adjust the intensity according to your preferences. Moreover, it helps burn more calories and improves muscle tone. It also adds a variety to your workout for interval training. Adjust your treadmill to an incline and increase speed. Keep adjusting, making each greater every 1 minute until you are at a full sprint. This is a perfect and fun way to improve stamina and leg power. 

Noise – Nobody wants a noisy treadmill that hinders others in the house or disturbs neighbors. Look for a treadmill that has the least noise possible. If you’re in a shared apartment, it might be best to invest in a treadmill that has a noiseless motor. Most treadmills nowadays are pretty quiet. The bigger and faster may be a little noisier but you get what you want. 

Weight Capacity – Checking the weight capacity of a treadmill is essential before buying it. If you weigh over 200 pounds, you’ll need a treadmill with a higher weight capacity such as a commercial grade treadmill. Those are built to withstand heavy weight, long term use and high speeds. A treadmill with a low weight capacity might break down or wear faster, resulting in more frequent maintenance.

Choosing the right treadmill for your home gym can be challenging, but considering the above factors will help you make the right choice. Remember to check for a treadmill that’s within your budget, is right for the space you have available, has incline and speed options, is low on noise, and has adequate weight capacity suiting your requirements. Investing in a treadmill that satisfies your needs will keep you motivated and on track to meet your fitness goals at home and stay in the family for a long time.

For more home gym equipment ideas please contact JukeFitnessEquipment.com to talk to a specialist to get more ideas on how to improve or build your dream gym. 


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