What should you get for the beloved fitness fanatic in your life? If you’re unsure, don’t worry. We’re here to help you check those exercise buffs off your list, just in time for the holidays.

With people spending more time at home there’s a shortage of fitness equipment, so what better way of showing them you care than by helping them reach their fitness goals. Whether they want to switch things up or jump-start their fitness journey, there’s something to surprise them.

We’ve put together a gift guide that provides options for every budget and fitness level. Here’s an inside look into your athlete’s wish list:

  • Kettle Gryp

$34.95 at Amazon

The Kettle Gryp lets you create your own kettlebell! It clamps around any dumbbell to turn it into a kettlebell for dynamic workouts. This ingenious item avoids clutter and is cost effective. They wouldn’t need to spend a fortune on kettlebells. Weighing only one pound, it’s perfect for the traveling athlete.

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  • Smith Machine Functional Trainer Pro

$5,199 at Juke Gyms

A true all-in-one home gym. If your favorite gym-goer has been thinking of setting up his home gym, spoil him with this functional trainer for a full-body workout. This is the best and most cost-effective way to start.

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  • TRX GO Suspension Training

$129.85 at Amazon

This is for those who love to work outdoors or with limited workout space. This will help the athlete increase strength without the clutter of free weights, and it’s conveniently portable. All they need is a secure anchor point (like a tree) to hold their body weight.

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  • NutriBullet Pro

$89.00 at Amazon

For those very important post-workout smoothies. Gifting one of these will show your support for their wellness goals. It comes with options of cups & lids, which is helpful when they have to take their breakfast on-the-go.

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  • Egg Weights

$39.95 at Juke Gyms

This is ideal for the athlete in your life who’s working on their punching power. These hand dumbbells boost any workout and help strengthen arms.

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  • BlazePod Basic Bundle

$337.00 at Blazepod.com

This will kick your home workouts up a notch! The BlazePod is for the ultimate reaction training. It’s easy to set up, portable, rechargeable and Bluetooth enabled. It lights up to guide you through different activities. Whether you want to test yourself or compete against a friend, this is a gift your favorite gym fanatic will love.

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Rubber Medicine Ball

$29.95 – $69.95 at Juke Gyms

Feel the burn with this medicine ball! This affordable exercise ball will help them get stronger. It improves explosiveness and core strength, and they can use it in various routines.

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  • Google Pixel Buds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

$179.99 at Best Buy

Sometimes you need that extra motivation music gives you. These buds allow you to play, pause or change the volume with just a tap or swipe. They’re voice-activated, so you can call or text while on a run. They also offer a secure fit that promises not to fall, even when doing burpees.

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  • Juke Speed Chute

$29.99 at Juke Gyms

The speed chute is perfect for athletes looking to reach top speed and improve endurance and acceleration. It has an adjustable belt that fits most athletes. It makes for a valuable yet inexpensive fitness accessory.

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  • AirGoCurveTreadmill

$3,400 at Juke Gyms

This gift is made for action! This treadmill is powered by you, no electricity required. It burns calories faster and is perfect for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s massively effective at building endurance. The athlete in your life will have no trouble going the distance on this treadmill.

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  • Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

$328.34 at Amazon

The perfect gift for fit-tech fanatics. This Fitbit comes with ECG and SpO2 apps, a skin temperature sensor and built-in GPS to use while running or hiking. The new EDA scan app measures electrodermal activity and tells your mood and your body’s response to stress.

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