You probably know a bit about the slam ball already, but what you didn’t know is that you can have a killer, full-body workout, with just a slam ball. That’s true. You could consider yourself as lucky if you have this piece of equipment already. And if you don’t have it yet, I would highly recommend getting one, because today we’re going to be taking a look at the best Home Exercises you can do with a slam ball, for a total body workout.

1. Russian twists

The Russian twist is one of the best Home Exercises you can do for your core. In terms of form, it’s pretty simple to do. Get into position by sitting on the ground and lifting your legs up. You can even lock them if you want to. Now, hold the slam ball while twisting your upper body to the right and to the left with a full range of motion.

2. Toe taps 

That’s actually a really underrated exercise. The goal of it is to touch the top of the ball with your toes as fast as possible. Just place the ball on the ground and start tapping the top of it with your toes (almost with your soles). If you’ve never done this before, get prepared because your legs after that are going to be on fire!

3. Front raises

The front raise is a simple to execute exercise and it seems as though it doesn’t do very much. However, it really does. Don’t knock it until you try it. As far as execution goes, while standing still, hold the ball in front of you with your hands and slowly raise the ball to around the level of your head. Now slowly lower the ball back from where you started. And you are done!

4. Slams

Slams are the best type of Home Exercises to do with a slam ball. It’s really self-explanatory. There are different types of slams you can do. Standing up, you can do a bare slam to the ground. While on your knees, you can make a hit. You can even do burpee slams if you are more advanced, which would be executed by doing a basic slam to the ground, but after that you lower yourself into a push-up position and jump back up and repeat the exercise.

5. Sit up + shoulder press

The sit-up + shoulder press combo is definitely going to test your physical abilities. Get into position by sitting on the ground and keeping your legs on the floor which should be bent. At the same time, hold the slam ball with your hands. Then perform the sit-up and after that perform a shoulder press by lifting your arms upwards until you do a full range of motion.

6. Squat

Again, there are different types of squats you can do. Whatever you choose, you are not going to be wrong because the squat is class! When it comes to performing the squat, imagine as if you are sitting on a chair. The range of motion is quite similar and it’s going to help you get a feel for the exercise.

7. Leg hold

The leg hold is very easy to do. Lay on your back and grab the ball with your feet. Then hold it in the air for as long as you can. This is one of the most underrated exercises and to be honest, I don’t know why. More people should be doing this!

8. Wall sit

The wall sit is a classic exercise that’s going to leave you sore if you are not used to it. In terms of doing the exercise, just lean on the wall while holding the ball with your hands and holding a squat position. Imagine as if there is an invisible chair against that wall. If you manage to hold the wall sit for a couple of minutes, then you are definitely fit and you know what you are doing.

9. Plank 

Two classics in a row! That’s amazing! The plank is done similarly to the push-up, but the difference is that you are just holding the push up position. You can use your hands or elbows as support while performing the exercise. Just like with the wall sit, if you can hold it for a few minutes, you are actually in pretty good shape.


I cannot praise the slam ball enough! It’s one of the most underrated pieces of equipment you can get. You can burn fat and build muscle at the same time! You’ll also improve your cardiovascular endurance and core control. You can even use it as a stress reliever and as a way to deal with anger issues. And not to mention how versatile it is. You just saw how many Home Exercises can be done. If you’ve ever thought about purchasing one of those bad boys, don’t even hesitate to do it because it can really change your workouts forever!


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