If you’re looking to add a treadmill to your home gym, then you might have already come across the AirGo Curve Treadmill – and if you’ve not, then we’re excited to introduce you to it today! Looking for a treadmill to suit your needs can be difficult, but the beauty of the AirGo Curve Treadmill is in its ability to adapt to your fitness journey.

Just starting out at 365 lbs and looking to lose some weight? That’s fine, the AirGo Curve can handle a maximum user weight of 400 lbs and will help you lose the weight you want through speed training. But once you’re at a comfortable weight for you, you might want to build muscle, right? No problem, because this treadmill lets you do push sled strength training too. Basically, it’s got you covered wherever you’re at in your fitness journey. But there’s plenty more to boast about besides that!

Introducing The AirGo Curve Treadmill

The AirGo Curve Treadmill is self-powered (by you), built with 6 levels of magnetic resistance, and specializes in both speed training and push sled strength training. Its ergonomic design makes your running exercises not only more comfortable, but a genuine joy. The clever curved design also optimizes your workouts, meaning you get more out of them than you would with another treadmill or by running out on the streets.

The quality of the build is second to none too, meaning that this piece of at-home gym equipment will serve you well for years to come. The user-friendly console includes all the information you need to monitor your progress during workouts: speed, time, distance, and calories. Not only that, but you can monitor your progress over time by noting down your workout results each time, eventually leading to a full picture of how far you’ve come during your workouts, which can be really motivating in pushing you forward towards your next fitness goals.

And finally, the AirGo Curve Treadmill is specifically designed for both at-home and commercial gyms, meaning they’re built to withstand heavy use. If you’re using this treadmill at home, then it’s an enormous benefit because it won’t be being used as much as it would in the gym, meaning it won’t get worn down easily. When the treadmill is this good, it’s reassuring to know it’ll be with you on your fitness journey for a long time!

Key Features

Want to hear what the AirGo Curve is all about at a glance? Then here’s a full list of its most impressive features:

  • 6 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Speed training
  • Push sled strength training
  • Heavy commercial-grade construction: with aluminium interior and protective rubber exterior
  • User-friendly console: target heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories
  • Ergonomic curve design for optimized workouts and maximum comfort
  • Max user weight of 400lbs
  • Dimensions: 66″ x 35″ x 63″
  • Product weight: 350lbs

As you can see, there’s a lot of awesome features that come as standard with the AirGo Curve treadmill, but how do you use it and what does it mean for your workouts? We’ll explain all below!

How To Use Your AirGo Curve

The best thing about the AirGo Curve is that there isn’t one way to use it. Thanks to the magnetic resistance levels available, you can use it in many different ways, and all just by twisting the easily accessible handle at your side to alter the magnetic resistance level to suit the task you want.

Better yet, the four key tasks you can do with the AirGo Curve are all advertized on the side of the treadmill, with clear images showing where to place the magnetic resistance handle for best results. Everything from the strength based ‘Low Push’ stance, to ‘Lateral Shuffle’, ‘Power Walk’, and ‘Run’ are available, so you can adopt the perfect stance and resistance levels for the workout you’re doing.

In terms of actually setting up the treadmill for the day, it couldn’t be simpler. Because it’s self-powered, there aren’t any trip hazards in the form of extension cords and wires, making using it a breeze. Simply hop on, select your resistance level using the handle to your left, and then get started. You power the treadmill by moving, so it couldn’t be simpler, and the console will give you all the info you need for the workout right in front of your eyes.

We’ve talked a lot about the ergonomic design at the heart of this treadmill, but what does that actually mean for your workouts? How does the ergonomic design benefit you when you’re performing your exercises? Well, let’s explore some more, shall we?

AirGo Curve’s Ergonomic Benefits

The curved design of the AirGo Curve Treadmill is its main appeal. It’s ergonomic, meaning it’s designed to deliver the best results in the most comfortable way possible. But what are some of the ergonomic benefits to your workout?

Engages More Muscle Groups

Because it’s curved and because you’re propelling the running belt yourself, you need to engage more muscles than on a standard treadmill. Your glutes and hamstrings specifically are far more engaged on a curved treadmill than a standard one. It also forces you into a better running posture, meaning you get the most out ALL the muscles you’re using.

Helps You Run More Naturally

The curved design of the AirGo encourages you to run on the balls of your feet. This improves running performance and lessens the impact of each step on your joints, meaning your run is much more comfortable. It also improves your balance, and engages your trunk and core more, resulting in a better running gait.

You’ll Burn More Calories and Use More Energy

VS a flat treadmill, you’ll burn up to 30-40% more calories because of how you’re running and the amount of energy involved in keeping proper posture, engaging all the right muscles, and propelling yourself and the running belt onwards. The more energy you spend and calories you burn per workout, the quicker you’ll see results from your efforts – only encouraging you to go further and faster as you progress.

It’s Scientifically Proven To Push You Further

Finally, it’s actually scientifically proven to push you further. Heart rate is up by 22% compared to a flat treadmill, up to 30-40% more calories are burned as mentioned before, and VO2 is 41% greater compared to a flat treadmill at the same speed. Those are some pretty strong cases for using a curved treadmill like AirGo’s because the results you get are so much better!


The AirGo Curve Treadmill is a genuine treat for any gym enthusiast, no matter your starting fitness levels. The ergonomic design will push you further than you ever thought possible, the user-friendly console will keep you updated on everything you need to know about your workouts, and the heavy commercial-grade construction means you’ll be able to use this treadmill for years to come as you progress on your fitness journey. Overall, we’d recommend this treadmill to anybody!


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