Staying active outdoors can be a blast, especially when you incorporate some fun and challenging games into your routine. Whether you’re looking to spice up your fitness regimen, spend quality time with friends and family, or just enjoy the great outdoors, these 10 outdoor games from JukeGyms will keep you moving and entertained.

1. Spikeball

A lively and engaging game, Spikeball offers an exciting mix of volleyball and foursquare. It’s a fast-paced, competitive sport that demands agility, quick reflexes, and teamwork. Whether you’re at the beach, park, or your backyard, set up the circular net and get ready for some heart-pumping action.

2. Jazzminton Sport

Take the classic game of badminton to new heights with Jazzminton Sport. This game combines speed, precision, and agility, making it perfect for players looking to enhance their coordination while having a blast. Plus, its versatility means you can play virtually anywhere—no net required.

3. Paddle Smash

Paddle Smash is an exhilarating, easy-to-learn game that’s great for all ages and skill levels. This paddle sport blends elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, offering endless fun and a fantastic way to improve hand-eye coordination and physical dexterity.

4. AngleBall – Outdoor Set

Experience the thrill of AngleBall, a game that tests your accuracy, strategy, and teamwork. With the goal of hitting a target ball off a pedestal using a soccer ball, players will enjoy a dynamic and physically demanding game that’s as entertaining as it is challenging.

5. Smash Net

Smash Net takes the excitement of tennis and makes it accessible anywhere you go. This portable net system can be set up in minutes, creating an instant tennis court. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Smash Net is a fantastic way to practice your swings and enjoy a fun workout.

6. CrossNet Pickleball

Combine the popularity of pickleball with the innovative design of CrossNet, and you get a game that’s both strategic and physically engaging. CrossNet Pickleball adds a new dimension to the traditional game, encouraging players to move more and think faster.

7. BoardBall

Ideal for beach enthusiasts, BoardBall brings a unique twist to catching and throwing games. Players use large boards to launch balls back and forth, aiming to score points by landing them in designated scoring zones. It’s a great way to work on your agility and enjoy some friendly competition.

8. CrossNet 4-Way Volleyball

Elevate your volleyball game with CrossNet’s 4-Way Volleyball set. This game introduces a four-sided net that increases the competition and fun. With more players involved, you’ll be running, jumping, and spiking more than ever before, leading to an incredibly fun and effective workout.

9. Foot Darts

Get your kicks with Foot Darts, a unique blend of soccer and darts that challenges players to hit a giant, inflatable dartboard with velcro soccer balls. Aiming and striking the balls work your legs, improves your accuracy, and provides a ton of laughs along the way.

10. Portable Golf Net

Last but not least, perfect your golf swing with the Portable Golf Net. This game allows you to practice your drives, chips, and approach shots without needing to visit the golf course. It’s an excellent way for golf enthusiasts to stay active and polish their skills.

Whether you’re looking for a solo challenge or a group activity, these outdoor games from JukeGyms offer something for everyone. Not only will they keep you fit, but they’ll also inject some fun and excitement into any outdoor gathering. Grab your game of choice, gather your friends and family, and get ready to play your way to a healthier, happier you.


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